Digger Family Photos
First Gould Gallery

Chuck Gould Gallery

Diggers and Free Family

Photographs, 1967-75

Chuck Gould graciously donated the photos on the following pages to the Digger Archive. The most striking aspect of his work is in contrast to most other photographers of the time. Chuck was taking photos of his life. He wasn't an observer, but rather participant, of these events. He didn't stand on the sidelines trying to catch the most sensationalistic moment on film. Nor did he have a fixation on the stars of the counterculture. These photos are more in the nature of a family album than some art-official portfolio. And for that reason, they add a very important dimension to the Digger Archives.

The original Gould Gallery was a group of six pages that contained scans of photographic prints. These pages are now under the "First Gould Gallery" link (to the left.) As of 2012, Chuck has now scanned all the negatives in his collection and he has selected a group of 135 photos that are even more representative than the original set.

All rights to these photographs are reserved by the photographer. Please send an email to request permission for ANY use (including non-commercial OR commercial purposes).

Note to the viewer: all of the photos have larger versions available for viewing. Just click on the image to bring up a 600 x 400 pixel image. Also note that if you leave the mouse rest over an image, you will be able to read a caption for that photo.

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