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franck muller replica watches is a well-known watch dealer in Italy. If you follow the top Italian watch dealers on social media, you've probably seen him. franck muller replica watches is a prominent Italian watch dealer and market maker. He can be seen enjoying a lunch on Davide Parmegiani's yacht in Capri, or a glass Meursault with Corrado Matarelli in Monaco. He is an avid collector and dealer who has had the opportunity to work with some of the world's most significant horological finds.franck muller replica watches He is a CrossFit enthusiast and an avid fitness fan. CrossFit is a fitness regimen based on strict diets, aerobic exercise and Olympic weightlifting. This is not for the weak-hearted. It requires total dedication and focus. It was the ideal choice for dedicated watch collector Paramico.

"I was born 51 years ago in Naples, Italy, the epicenter of the best tailors around the world. After earning a degree from the University of Milan in economics and econometrics I began my career in investment banking. This career lasted almost 20 years, with positions in New York City, London, Frankfurt am Main, Madrid, and Milan. Paramico, however, has been a US resident since 2004 and lives in Miami.

How did Paramico become interested in watches first? Since I was ten, I've been drawn to small, serious objects. I also loved the idea that I could keep one in my pocket. In the early 1990s, I discovered the first watch magazines and I fell in love with them. Vintage watches were what drew Paramico to the world of collecting. "I believe that the 1950s was probably the best decade ever for design and objects d'art. So I was attracted to the Patek Philippes and Rolex watches of that time. "But it didn't end there. I fell in love with Longines Universal Geneve, Omega and Longines."

Paramico, like me, is a fan of rare Perpetual Daytonas with gem-set. What attracted him to them and what were his best finds? This is fascinating to me. Top watch collectors have always sought out the so-called "bling" watches, such as Rolex or Patek Philippe. These watches are unique and rare, as they are.franck muller replica watches Although I respect all opinions, I can't understand why vintage Patek Philippe enthusiasts don't appreciate a GMT "SARU" [sapphires & rubies] or Daytona 6270.

Unicorn Duo: Two ultra-rare Reference 6270 watches with baguette diamond dials and purple subdials.

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