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Many people believe that Italy "invented' watch collecting. Why does Paramico think that watches are important in Italy? "In a way, it's true. It could be the proximity to Switzerland, but it might also be the love of beautiful objects and passion. "I mean Ferrari, Alfa Romeo Maserati and Bugatti are all Italians, right?" No matter the reason, Italian dealers form a strong community. John Goldberger has been a close friend of mine since I was twenty years old. It is impossible to not be inspired by someone like him. A great friend and collector. I enjoy our conversations about watches! I've become good friends with many of the biggest dealers in the world over the years. "In Europe, Davide Paramegiani and Roberto Caso and in the US Matt Bain, Justin Gruenberg, Andrew Shear and Eric Ku would be my great friends."

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It's not always easy to find good advice, especially with the constant influx of young collectors. panerai replica watches is a great expert to consult for seasoned collectors. "I tell collectors to not be afraid of paying a lot -- and I mean a lot, not just a little -- for the best watch they are looking for! And is there anything new or unknown that collectors can look out for on the market today? "I find the Gerald Genta pieces of the 1990s to be a great value.rolex replica watches These watches were made for men with impeccable taste, people who deserved the best. A perpetual calendar, tourbillon minute repeater Westminster Chimes, grand et petit sonnerie Westminster Chimes, is no joke! "If I look at the overall picture, it is clear that the market for rarest and most preserved watches will remain strong and continue to grow."

Paramico, besides watches, is frequently photographed in training. We're not talking about a simple light-weight exercise or a few free-weights. It's serious lifting, and high-impact intervals that will have even the hardest marines on their knees and vomiting up their last meal. What was the beginning? When I was 25, I weighed about 270 pounds. I stopped overnight and started CrossFit and a healthy diet. "I like to do any cardiovascular activity. I believe we should keep our bodies and hearts in shape."

He must have some time to relax. "Of course. What's better than spending time with family and friends? I love movies and music. As I said before, I was raised in Naples and the seaside is very important to my family. I was looking for a beachside location with good weather, where fitness and sports were a part of my DNA,Rolex Submariner Replica when I decided to move from Italy to the US. It was either LA or Miami - I would have to admit that it was a tough decision. But you know what happened!"

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