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A Modest Proposal:

San Franciscans, in the interest of eternity, & out of respect for their mayor, will recommend the following course of action to that office this afternoon, April 25 [1968], at 4 PM:

1) that city-owned buildings remaining empty be restored to the people for reconstruction, embellishment, & refurbishment so that those people might live there freely

2) that all foodstuffs & materials in surplus not accounted for in current welfare distribution be returned to the people for redistribution free through ten autonomous neighborhood free stores whose rent shall [be] paid by the city

3) that presses & trucks be made available for the dissemination of free news throughout the city so that the people will come to know one another & make channels of access available to each other

4) that the city provide resources for autonomous neighborhood celebrations of the city, the planet, & their own free beings

5) that parks & other public spaces be returned to the people for free life acts: all permit authority to be rescinded

These are visions which will be realized by the people of San Francisco. The mayor's office is invited to share in that vision. Citywide celebration of the summer solstice will mark the entrance of free San Francisco into eternity.

Welcome home.


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