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Welcome to the Digger Archives

What is the Digger Archives?

First time here? The Overview page explains who the Diggers were (are) and the intent of this site. The What's New page highlights additions to this web so returning visitors might check there first. The old Digger Forum Discussion Group has morphed into a WordPress blog. Feel free to check it out.  

The links on the left border show the main sections of the Digger Archives. This web first emerged in 1993 and the content changes at varying rates depending on how much time the Archivist can devote to the coding. The list below are some of the site highlights.

Highlights of the Digger Archives:

bulletLes Diggers de San Francisco (documentary film)
bulletEarly Digger Sheets (text trove for anyone delving the Diggers)
bullet Digger Family Photos (Gould Gallery)
bulletChronology of the Digger Movement
bulletCommunication Company Archives (Anderson Papers)
bulletHome Free Home by Ramon Sender Barayon
bulletFree Fall Chronicles by Peter Coyote
bulletDeep Tried Frees (story of Kaliflower and the Free Print Shop)
bulletThe Digger Papers (the final 1968 compilation)
bulletThe (original) English Diggers (Gerrard Winstanley, 1649)
bullet Digger Guestbook Redux (reader comments, 1995-2004)
bulletTrip Without A Ticket (important Digger manifesto)
bulletMutants Commune (Digger ideology of world history)
bullet Post-Competitive Comparative Game of Free City (blueprint for collective future)
bulletThe Final Word (Guestbook postings of Steve Boyd, 2004)

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Agents of Change: the Counterculture Prevailed



Animation showing (1) Free City News sheet (2) invitation button to Emmett Grogan's wake (3) 1% Free poster (4) cover for the August '68 Digger Papers publication (5) Free City Collection #1 (6) Free Acid (7) Survival School broadside (8) Police Chief Warns Hippies (9) Free Lettuce
"When comes the time to leave this world someday, what you get to keep is what you gave away."

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