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Over the years, there's been much feedback from visitors to the Digger Archives web site. Some have used the site for school research, some for dissertations, some for books, some for media studies, etc. etc. There is much more in the online archive than is listed below. Just follow the links on the top entry page. But the items below are special—at the least for the person who built this site.



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One issue of the Free City News sheets, distributed in San Francisco, 1967-68.

Shown below is the "1% Free" poster that first appeared as wall sized posters in the Winter of 1968 and became a Digger trademark for the last cycle of street events. Various interpretations of the cryptic symbology of the poster evolved, but the one that seemed most popular was the Free City Bank. Merchants and rock bands contributed 1% of their profits to the Free City Bank to fund various activities such as the Free Food Distribution system.



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