The Digger Papers (August, 1968)

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Garbage Or Nothing

I. The recent death of capitalism has everybody fucked around & confused.

Private enterprise laissez faire legally murderous piracy GONE already buried to be replaced by what?

If it doesn't have a name, how can you talk about it?

And what about the garbage?


Now there's something you can talk about . .

II. America 1968 so incredibly wealthy that the local spiritual crisis is what're we going to do about the garbage.

the economic crisis how to distribute the garbage,

the political crisis who's going to collect the garbage & why should anyone want the job,

while in the oblivious streets attention has suddenly exploded into flesh bodies & the various ways of rubbing them together.

The Evolutionary Credit & Loan Association has terminated our contract, stamped it PAID IN FULL, & the planet is ours at last.

Sudden flashes that maybe those five thousand years of time payments

—all those payments ON THE DOT—

all those

food wars & social cipher contracts were gestures of empty anxiety.

Now that it's ours & we can take a casual look around, well there's so much GARBAGE.

4 bilion people camped in the planetary wilderness & somehow WE FORGOT ABOUT THE GARBAGE.

Our wilderness is turning sour.


No place in the cosmology of planetary physics for garbage.


What an astounding oversight!

What were our ancestors THINKING about?

III. America a nation in 1968 so incredibly wealthy that all morality isbased on the problems of EXCESS:

fantasy executives & governmental spies running wild-eyed down the corridors of control:

"There's too fucking much of it!"

"It's completely out of control!"

"Power leak! Power leak!"

The cells of power grow wild: undisciplined freedom cancer.

Sudden flashes that the future of bureaucracy spy systems lies in garbage control.

People are USING it, picking it up FREE on the streets, living on it, they no longer respond to the seduction of the state, there's no way to get a HOLD on them.

Pomposity suicided & rigidity machines put to work at a furious clip: all this garbage must be catalogued & filed, garbage destruction teams trained, parking lots on the tillable land, thousands of well-programed garbage experts march to work each day to GET IT DOWN ON PAPER, enormous factories hastily tooled for garbage conversion.

"By God, we'll make napalm out of it."

Youngsters who don't understand it's all been paid for already

are given guns!

given napalm!

& shipped to parts of the planet where there MAY be people who MIGHT be hip to OUR garbage & MIGHT WANT SOME OF IT FOR THEMSELVES.

The situation complicates itself incredibly.

Computer engineers make it worse: the machines don't UNDERSTAND power, sex, & control: the machines program useable garbage & forbidden fantasies of FREE.

The Secretary of Garbage Control considers dropping acid & getting it over with.

Systems of control grow schizophrenic . . . they writhe & contort in involute paranoia.


IV. America a nation so incredibly wealthy in 1968 that all morality is based on EXCESS:

true American career counselors now ask only one question.

"Do you want to produce garbage or do you want to collect garbage?"

Industrialist or politician?

Fishfarm or junkyard?

The young people want no part of it, of course, what with garbage their natural matrix & medium.

Produce it?

Collect it?

They want to fuck in it!

The career counselors build marvelous constructions of seduction & mystery, they trans-substantiate symbol money

into sex
into power
into death insurance
into pleasure.

But it's just THINGS, it's garbage, it's overflow & the young people know it.

They throw the career counselor out the window.

Who's going to collect the garbage?

who knows?

who cares?

Let's use it to act out our fantasies, use it for unimaginable gratifications.

V. We were sitting around the other night talking about garbage, making screaming intuitive leaps thru each others arguments, when Wm. Fritsch suddenly woke up & shouted, "What I gotta do is learn to do nothing."

And of course that's it

& it's not surprising that the solution came from a man who sometimes arrives at the compulsion to visit all his friends & empty the garbage for them.

VI. Garbage crises cannot be SOLVED:


The alternative to the garbage collection production box

is to do just exactly nothing . . . no more & no less.

Sudden flashes of the invisible network w/ the individual spine planted squarely on it,

organic units in the planetary ecology,


Ecological systems have no garbage in them, contain nothing that is alien to them.

VII. Invisible networks of nameless human connectives (names shed as metaphysical garbage) can help each other to do nothing.

That part of the psyche organism to which name is attached, that part which DOES things in praise of the name,

that part withers in the flesh caress of the anonymous community.

The galactic actor does nothing in the NAME of anything:

he receives his direction from the silent spinal telegraph,

his spine is planted square on the invisible network,


his movements are not outside the process.

VIII. It's paid for, all of it.

A cellophane bag represents 5000 years of machine history, inventors suicided by their inventions, aeons of garbage dedication, paid for in cancer wombs, in fallen cocks, in the crazy waste of our fathers.

Generations dead of lacklove sold for 29 cents.

Your birth certificate is your final credit card.

Stack the garbage in piles & people will live in among it, communities of free parallel spines planted square on the invisible network.

They will do nothing to effect the celebratory transformation of garbage into spinal food.

Their movements are not outside the process.

IX. The invisible networks grow thru the absent university of nothingness, disguised as dopesellers.

as sneakthieves
as naked dripping 17 year old Americans girls.

Doctors of garbage philosophy.

Doing nothing in PUBLIC teaching nothing demonstrating nothing living paradigms of nothing!

The absent university is powered by social magic.

It has flesh classrooms.

It is the university of the spine.

Tuition is paid in units of psychic bondage.

Its graduates are FREE.


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