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First time here? The Overview page explains who the Diggers were (are) and the intent of this site. The What's New page highlights additions to this web so returning visitors might check there first. The archivist's blog posts occasional missives of interest. (Added Oct 2020:) The new "How To Navigate the Digger Archives Site" has some tips for getting around and finding what you want. 


The links on the left border show the main sections of the Digger Archives. A one-page summary of the critical texts in the archive (including street sheets, broadsides, manifestos, posters, videos, interviews, histories) is located on the Highlights page.

Coyote Howl: the Sixties Counterculture as Agent of Change


The Digger Thesis

The 1960s Counterculture was a pebble in a pond with ripples spreading outward into the larger society. The San Francisco Diggers at the center of that wave embodied the cultural changes still felt and seen today worldwide.

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Updates to Digger web

27 Jan 2024 Added a new page, Deciphering 1% Free.
21 Jan 2024 Added a new page with an interview of Arthur Lisch.
18 Dec 2023 Finished the new page for the Illustrated & Annotated Catalog of the Free Print Shop.
15 Dec 2023 Finished the new page for the Free Print Shop publications.
2 Dec 2023 Finished adding the new page for the Free City miscellaneous street sheets.
1 Dec 2023 Finished redesigning the page with the complete set of Free City News sheets with 600-dpi resolution scans.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Comments on the Long Lost Interview of Arthur Lisch
  • People’s Red Dragon Architecture
  • Fred Moore: Trust in People
  • North Beach; Weather Resonance
  • Past Tidbits

    The Diggers published a "virtual street sheet" on St. Valentine's Day (2017) about the controversy involving the San Francisco Recreation & Park Commission's denial of Boots Hughston's request for a permit to hold a Free Summer of Love 50th Anniversary event in Golden Gate Park. Feel free to forward this new Digger sheet to anyone who might be interested. (Also posted on the archivist's blog.)

    The Digger Death of Money 50th anniversary event took place at Shaping San Francisco studio on Oct 26 2016. A new Digger Broadside was distributed along with other handouts. The "Death of Money Opera" digger sheet/broadside is posted here. The audio of the event is here.

    The old Digger Forum Discussion Group was archived. Now many of the participants have moved on to various social media (a concept barely understood at the time) but the archivist here maintains a WordPress blog. Feel free to check it out.

    Parting philosophy:

    "When comes the time to leave this world someday, what you get to keep is what you gave away."

    Note on Content Edits:

    This web first emerged in 1993 and the content changes at varying rates depending on how much time the Archivist can devote to the coding.
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    January 29, 2024
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