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The Free-Fall Chronicles

Peter Coyote created a grand story of Things Past, weaving his amazing Digger tales into a book that he published in 1998 called Sleeping Where I Fall. During the two years he worked on this project, Peter sent us preliminary versions of chapters that dealt closely with the Digger family. During this stage of the work, Free-Fall Chronicles (as Peter called the work initially) was a collection of Digger stories organized around the people and groups who made up this movement. Intimate, revealing, prophetic, scathing, and downright humorous — all are apt descriptions of these stories. In the Kaliflower commune, we recounted Digger tales over our shared lunches and dinners. We took notes of these oral traditions, and typed them up as "memcons" for the archives. Ringolevio was important for us because of the adventures that Emmett had put to paper. Yes, a common criticism was that Emmett "sauntered where everyone else walked" but we could overlook that flaw of Ego for the sheer Truth of the book. Now, Peter has given us another installment of that same Truth, something on another plateau. Here we can see the digger movement not just through the author's eyes (as Ringolevio was) but from others' as well. Coyote has made the diggers a "multiuser dimension" (as they say in cyberspace.)

Peter would appreciate hearing any feedback. If you like the stories (or even not), please be sure to drop him a line. I've put up a Feedback Form to send your comments.

Free-Fall Chronicles by Peter Coyote



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