Index to Kaliflower, Volume 3

This page comprises a general index consisting of the scanned cover pages along with a contents listing for each issue in Volume 3.

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Vol. 3, No. 1 (May 6, 1971)


  • Communal Archaeology
  • Keeping Out of Print
  • Dear K.F. [Thoughts on the 3rd year]
  • Yenta Yumski "Great Moments in Welfare" [cartoon]
  • Medical Notice: Sterile Home Delivery Pack
  • Free Ads
  • God gives our soul and spirit ...


KF Vol 3, No 1 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 2 (May 13, 1971)


  • Jacking Up Masters
  • The Birth of Free Love
  • Complex Marriage Relocated
  • Living in the city without a backyard ...
  • Black Orchid Epistle #1
  • Note from Rogue Dairy on use of rennet in cheese
  • Letter from Kraft on use of animal derivatives
  • Free Ads
  • Note on release of Kaliflower's address, etc.
  • Medical Notice: Delivery of the baby's head
  • Yenta Yumski "Taking Care of Business" [cartoon]


KF Vol 3, No 2 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 3 (May 20, 1971)


  • Ritual Magic
  • Dole Drums
  • You're in the Money, Honey!
  • From _History of American Socialisms_ (1870), describing a visit with the Shakers ...
  • Dear Kaliflower [On cheese, rennet, and dairy products. Three sidebars offer responses.]
  • Woman are going through all kinds of changes these days ... [Letter from "a Sister"]
  • Communopoly [Diagram of a board game]
  • The Great Tale Is Spun
  • Free Ads
  • Yenta Yumski "Tomorrow The World"
  • Dear Kaliflower [Letter with medical advice]

KF Vol 3, No 3 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 4 (May 27, 1971)


  • Land's Sakes!
  • Finer Arts I
  • The ills of the world surround us ... (cartoon)
  • Communes -- the new age ... (against smoking) [includes reprints from the Oneida Circular]
  • Dear Whoever ... [letter from Mother Earth]
  • Dear K.F. [On recycling]
  • Announcement of Criticism of Kaliflower
  • Medical Notice: Delivery of the Shoulders
  • Free Ads
  • Announcement of Women-only meeting


KF Vol 3, No 4 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 5 (June 3, 1971)


  • Learning the Lay of the Land
  • Lessons from the Little Lenin Library
  • Car-Ma
  • Delivering The Goods
  • Letters to Kaliflower
  • Two Reprints from the Oneida Circular
  • Kaliflower Policy on Printing Notices, etc.
  • Free Ads
  • Dear Kaliflower Readers [testimony of a vision]
  • Notes from the first intercommunal Kaliflower criticism (May 30, 1971)


KF Vol 3, No 5 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 6 (June 10, 1971)


  • Crashing Realities! [Cartoon and article]
  • Finer Arts II (Slipping the Yogurt Culture in under the Counter Culture)
  • Willingness
  • Firehouse Theater
  • Plants are Human Too
  • "Please, I need a little hot dog between my roll."
  • Here Comes My Baby!!
  • Culturing Yogurt
  • Free Transportation
  • Letters to Kaliflower
  • Advice on Welfare Articles
  • Free Ads
  • Announcement of Ritual Criticism of Kaliflower


KF Vol 3, No 6 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 7 (June 17, 1971)


  • Fucking Upward
  • A Gift of Tongue
  • When your commune begins to have a regular gathering ...
  • Black Orchid Epistle #2
  • Letters from Anna
  • LIfe is a Mixed Blessing
  • We can save the world How?
  • Letters to Kaliflower
  • The Edibility Gap
  • Free Ads
  • Kitty Litter


KF Vol 3, No 7 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 8 (June 24, 1971)


  • Body And Soul
  • The Matter With Mass
  • Shoeless in Xanen
  • Ma Hainey's Homespun
  • Letters to Kaliflower
  • Slipping the Soybean Culture in under the Yogurt Culture
  • Ginger Ale [recipe]
  • Letter from the West Folger St. Commune
  • Free Ads
  • Welfare is reasonable to depend upon ...
  • Announcement of weekly Kaliflower criticisms
  • Free Movies


KF Vol 3, No 8 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 9 (July 1, 1971)


  • Finer Arts 3: Against The Stars
  • Dear Kaliflower Artists [Letter from Hunga Dunga]
  • Dear Kaliflower [Letter from Renee Angelina]
  • Dole Drums Roll Taps
  • Struggling With Words
  • Yenta Meets The Bacchuntes!! [cartoon]
  • Women's Lib in the 1850's [Excerpts from Bible Communism]
  • There's more to tomorrow than plans & dreams ...
  • "More from Ma"
  • Letters to Kaliflower
  • Free Ads
  • Laying on of Hands
  • Letter from Cow Commune
  • The Soy of Cooking [recipes]


KF Vol 3, No 9 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 10 (July 8, 1971)


  • Bags
  • Against The Bars
  • The Care and Feeding of Crazies
  • Thank you for turning us on to the Kali Flower publication [Article from Konnyaku Commune]
  • "Ma Hainey's Homespun, Again"
  • The developing awareness in a communal situation gives rise to telepathic love bonds ...
  • State of the Union for the Joint Chiefs
  • Oh Ye of Open Beauty
  • Notes on making your own Backpack
  • O Boy! Soy! [recipes]
  • Free Ads
  • Note on Burying Compost
  • Note on Riding the Rails


KF Vol 3, No 10 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 11 (July 15, 1971)


  • Virgin's Liberation Front
  • Dear Kaliflower [Criticism of Yenta cartoon]
  • The whole question of sexism in Kaliflower ... [Response to letters about Yenta cartoon]
  • Green things have a healing effect ...
  • Home
  • Free Ads
  • Note on the use of a hanging nail for storing issues of Kaliflower


KF Vol 3, No 11 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 12 (July 22, 1971)


  • Free Ads
  • Within each of us dwells a phoenix. ... 
  • How Not To Become The People We Don't Want To Be
  • The Loving Tongue Is Not A Foreign Language
  • Udder Rejection [recipes]
  • The In Thing
  • The Great Raid
  • Ma Ma Hainey's Homespinnin'


KF Vol 3, No 12 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 13 (July 29, 1971)


  • The Meddle Way
  • Dear Kaliflower [Plea for compassionate communism]
  • Let It Rise [recipe]
  • Letters to Kaliflower
  • Soups from Happy Gardens Commune [recipes]
  • Free Ads
  • Wanda Comski in Sublimation Blues [cartoon]


KF Vol 3, No 13 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 14 (August 5, 1971)


  • Our art is no self expression ...
  • Clearing House
  • We have always reached out to seek extensions of ourselves. ...
  • Dear Kaliflower [Letter about nonviolence]
  • Free Ads
  • Announcement of Angels of Light Free Theatre at 330 Grove Street, August 6/7
  • Reprint of mass media article on the Harrad Commune
  • As communes we can look to the Chinese people for inspiration. ... [Example of community eliminating the Schistosomiasis-laden snails in Shanghai valley.]
  • Free City
  • Fruit Cake, Soy Butter, Eggplant Dish for Six [recipes]

KF Vol 3, No 14 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 15 (August 12, 1971)


  • Against The Tars
  • Making It
  • Falling In Love Again, Part 1
  • The Purple Submarine Game Beyond Hipness
  • An image of a Path of Search ... [On Theater as Collective Action]
  • Dear Kaliflower [On mass media]
  • Mutual Criticism [Reprint of an Oneida Community pamphlet from 1876]
  • Free Ads

KF Vol 3, No 15 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 16 (August 19, 1971)


  • Free Ads
  • Announcement of Free Puppet Show and Film
  • But Ugly News Can Just As Well Be Typed [On a Police Raid of the Scott Street Commune]
  • Little Hassles
  • Dear Communal Children [On Communal Living]
  • Bible Communism [Reprint of a pamphlet by John Humphrey Noyes from 1849]
  • Dear Kaliflower [On Women's Issues from a woman]
  • Rinkled Earskin [Cartoon]

KF Vol 3, No 16 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 17 (August 26, 1971)


  • In receiving positive, loving criticism we open our inner selves to the light in the wisdom of others. ...
  • Letters from Prickly Pen Pals [Three letters to Kaliflower on various topics, two in response to Purple Submarine Game, and one in response to a Kaliflower article on Free]
  • Falling, Part 2
  • Free Ads
  • Interrogation of a Businessman by the Interior Police [Six pages, typescript, small type face]

KF Vol 3, No 17 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 18 (September 2, 1971)


  • To fill our days with activity that makes us joyous ...
  • Mantric Sun Band
  • In the Hands of the Tool-Fashioner
  • To Clear The Air: The Purple Submarine Game
  • Free Ads
  • Tuesday August 31 ... [Notice about the Health Department closing down the Haight Food Conspiracy]
  • Dear Kaliflower [Critical of Vietnam Independence poster distributed with Kaliflower]
  • Ritual MMMagic In The Commoon, Part 2
  • Saturday nights masked ball at Project Artaud was sure one hell of a bash that once again showed us a lot of promise for free imaginative night life. ...

KF Vol 3, No 18 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 19 (September 9, 1971)


  • Adventures in Paradise
  • The other day a bunch of us from the city, all living in communal groups, visited Morning-Star to pick some apples. ...
  • The Practical and Spiritual Care of Hepatitis
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters [Announcing a trek to the Sierra to commemorate the movement of Pluto into the sign of Libra]
  • Letters and Announcements [Letter on Criticism, Announcement of Trek to Mt. Analog, Note on Project Artaud, Plea for Listening to Classical Music, Announcement of Hunga Dunga Free Art Gallery, Note from Submarine Game]
  • To Invoke A Cabaret Out Of Necessity For Unemployed Free Stars ...
  • Benny Bird in "Got Ya" [Cartoon]
  • Composting [Instructions for creating compost]
  • Some of Hunga Dunga
  • Free Ads
  • The Gluten Experience [Recipe]

KF Vol 3, No 19 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 20 (August 16, 1971)


  • Inter-Communal Bash [Announcement of event for 9/18/71 at Sutro Park]
  • Dear Kaliflower [Reacting negatively to a SF Chronicle article about Berkeley communes]
  • Map to Sutro Park
  • How to Have a Special Love Affair in a Commune
  • At the opening of the Hunga Dunga art gallery Sunday ...
  • Prevention and Treatment of Hepatitis
  • Dear KF [An attempt at true communal writing]
  • The Perilous Journey Out of Mother's Arms Continues
  • Free Ads
  • Dear Kaliflower [About starting a neighborhood food conspiracy]
  • Letter to Kaliflower [About keeping a low profile]
  • The Berkeley Opera [Reaction to two newspaper articles on Berkeley communes]
  • Free Theatre [Announcement of The Bacchae at Project Artaud]
  • Invitation [to a meeting to discuss inter-communal sharing]
  • Spirit Without Flesh [On stopping the killing of animals]

KF Vol 3, No 20 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 21 (September 23, 1971)


  • Goody Two Shoes Award: the Church of the Good Earth
  • Hepatitis - Concluded
  • Pulling It Out
  • Peeling it all Off
  • Throwing It All Open
  • Food Stamp Doos [Poem]
  • Announcement of a meeting to discuss the future of the Free Bakery
  • Getting to Know Us [Reaction to the Intercommunal Bash]
  • Dear Kaliflower [On learning how to cook]
  • Free Ads
  • Dear Kaliflower [Reaction to the intercommunal bash]
  • Yogahhhh [Instructions on the postures]

KF Vol 3, No 21 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 22 (September 30, 1971)


  • Sitting Bull
  • Willing Hands
  • A Peek Inside the Barnyard Commune [cartoon]
  • A French Country Commune: Ananda Ashram
  • One of my fondest hopes is that we are all learning to share ideas. ...
  • Dear Kaliflower [Letter in reaction to the Good Earth Commune article, by Baird of Hunga Dunga]
  • Spread For Everyone, By Dame Sitith Eatwell [Cooking advice]
  • Dear Kaliflower [Letter in reaction to anti-media stance]
  • The Clean-Dish Award to Kaliflower [Reaction to the Good Earth Commune article]
  • Dear Flowers Kali and Abby [Question and response from "Kali-Abi" about an unwanted new communal hanger-on]
  • The Free Theater [Stating their concept of free theatre and their practice over the past four years. Performing The Bacchae at Project Artaud]
  • Hey all you ecology freaks ... [Announcement of the opening of Planet Repair Shop]
  • Dear Kaliflower [Thoughts on meat eating and primitivism]
  • Dear Kaliflower, Lonely Magician Seeks Lover [Intricately drawn Personal Ad]
  • Last Thurs nite a whole lot of people came to the Page St. Library to see a Charlie Chaplin movie ... [Note on resumption of Free Movies]
  • Dream Queen Dessert [recipe]
  • Free Ads
  • Cotton Club Cabaret [Anouncement of Angels of Light free show] 

KF Vol 3, No 22 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 23 (October 7, 1971)


  • Dear Kaliflower [Letter from Konnnyaku Commune on new Zen-inspired practices]
  • How to Make Love With Your Ears
  • Sitting Bull's Sequel
  • Communities - Religion - Authority [By Ajari]
  • The Conversion of Rabbit [Cartoon]
  • Let's Clean Up Our Act, boys
  • Dear Kaliflower [On the problem of keeping sex within the commune]
  • Dope Trivia: Intersection Points for Time Travelers
  • Free Movies [Schedule of free shows at the Palace of Fine Arts]
  • Upon yesterdayz raining ... [Request for ideas on composting in the rainy season]
  • For 5 Minutes [Note by Magic Jack]
  • Flash! Warning to all Communes [Beware of candles]
  • Free Ads
  • Stars Fell on 330 Grove [Review of the Free Cabaret]

KF Vol 3, No 23 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 24 (October 14, 1971)


  • Faith Lifting [Cartoon]
  • Dear Kali-Abbie [Request for advice and reply to a question about estrangement with a fellow communard]
  • Aviso! Aviso! Aviso! [Hepatitis precautions]
  • Paying Rent By Faith
  • Dead-End Art
  • Intercommunal Grand Opera Record Library [Now open for your record borrowing pleasure]
  • Primitive Musics
  • Free Ads

KF Vol 3, No 24 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 25 (October 21, 1971)


  • How We Got a Gym Into Our Telephone Booth
  • Dear Kaliflower [On the ecology of fountain pens, and quills]
  • Dear Ava Heart [Response to letter on sexuality in the commune]
  • There's Nothing To It But To DO IT [A neighborhood food conspiracy that started up after the shutdown of the "Mother Haight" conspiracy]
  • Free Food [Article on an intercommunal food conspiracy]
  • Duck's Dream
  • Dear Kali [About quitting smoking]
  • Dear Coloflower [Poem]
  • Dear "Dead-End Art" [Response from Free Cabaret]
  • In Defense of the Stars
  • Dear Readers [Comment on the star system]
  • Dearest Kaliflower Commune [Reaction against the Dead End Art letter]
  • Invitation to a 21st Birthday Party at States Street
  • Stop Buying Selling [Two-page design by the Red Dragon commune on Free]
  • Free Ads

KF Vol 3, No 25 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 26 (October 28, 1971)


  • Sexcesspool Snorkling
  • From Riches To Rags
  • Dear Kaliflower [A new commune forms]
  • Free Calligraphy Class
  • Dear Friends [Free Bakers need a truck to get supplies to Oakland and products back from the Free Bakery]
  • Beloved Sisters and Brothers [Announcement of Gay Day, Nov. 4, at City College]
  • Halloween Dance [Announcement, sponsored by Gay Community Fun]
  • Dear Purple Submarine [Letter from disaffected neighbor]
  • Angels of Light in Ghoul Diggers of Transylvania [Announcement of Oct. 30 performance at Castro Street Festival]
  • Eating Communal Crumbs [Two Bread recipes]
  • Free Ads
  • Puppets and the Death of the Ego

KF Vol 3, No 26 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 27 (November 4, 1971)


  • Spudding Perfectionism [Cartoon]
  • Fido Food Stamp Rolls Over [Advice on new regulations]
  • 11:59 P.M. [Plea for Berkeley communard to help coordinate KF delivery in the East Bay]
  • Letters to Kaliflower
  • this old world has but a sad tale to tell. ...
  • Free Ads

KF Vol 3, No 27 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 28 (November 11, 1971)


  • The Vine Expulsion [Cartoon]
  • The Dragon Of Last Resort
  • Taking the Mean out of Meaning Well
  • Your Thing To My Thing [Article about bisexuality]
  • Free  Ads
  • Dear Kaliflower [Letter about the recent Konnyaku Commune open house]

KF Vol 3, No 28 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 29 (November 18, 1971)


  • Come Dance, Hop And Jig Along [Announcement of Intercommunal Clown Party]
  • Story of One [Article telling the story of an immigrant]
  • Fooling Around [Article about being a Clown]
  • Beyond Knowing and into Understanding
  • Announcement of free Firehouse play
  • Letter to KF about Bruce Baillie
  • De Omnibus Dubitandum [Note on Truth]
  • Eco-Logic Cooking  [Warning on using aluminum cookware]
  • Free Ads
  • Announcement of a drawing workshop at Planet Repair Shop

KF Vol 3, No 29 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 30 (November 25, 1971)


  • From giving does receiving flow ...
  • Mantras
  • Announcement of Free Dress Rehearsal of Dance Spectrum Workshop
  • Announcement of free films at the Western Addition Library
  • Free Ads
  • Announcement of The Angels of Light in "Gospel Pearls"

KF Vol 3, No 30 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 31 (December 2, 1971)


  • Free Ads
  • There is a lesson to learn ... [Comment on two articles, one about communes openly discussing welfare and other ways to get money from the government. The second article, from the Berkeley Tribe, describes how the guidelines for getting food stamps have been made tighter to exclude communes.]
  • Saffron Thais [Account of a young man who joined the Buddhist monkhood]
  • Dear Kaliflower ... [Warnings on ripoffs, drug busts, and bad karma]
  • Flowing With It
  • Free City Puppets [Description of workshop they hold for children and adults, and instructions on how to make a puppet] 

KF Vol 3, No 31 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 32 (December 9, 1971)


  • Free Ads
  • Haight-Ashbury Free Movies for December
  • Dear KF [Complaint about communes not willing to help in the delivery of KF]
  • There are three girls and nine guys ... [Article from/about Blissful Blunders Bungalow]
  • Announcement of Free Film showing of Shanghai Gesture at the Scott Street Commune

KF Vol 3, No 32 Cover

Vol. 3, No. 33 (December 16, 1971)


  • "Pearls of Holy Union"
  • Children of Paradise [Article about rearing a trouble child in a commune]
  • Announcement of the birth of a daughter to Sylvia and Mikey at Hunga Dunga Commune
  • Announcement of the death of Suzuki Roshi in San Francisco. Six daily sessions of Zazen will be held in his honor for the next 49 days.
  • Free City Puppets: To Make a Dragon Puppet
  • Free Ads 

KF Vol 3, No 33 Cover

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