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Watch I Love: Audemars Piguet Replica Watches 116519 "Tahitian" Dial

1988 was an important year for Rolex. 1988 was also the year they introduced their new Cosmograph Daytona. It was a complete facelift!

You can clearly see the significant shift in the model when you hold a vintage manual wind 6265 from 1988 next its successor, 16520. The Daytona was an automatic,Replica Tag Heuer Watches with a 4mm increase in case size, sapphire glass, crown guards at the crown and the trip-lock crown.

Daytona ref. Daytona ref. 6265, inside stamped 6262

Refer to Self-wind Daytona ref. 16520

The least popular child in the yard became the most trendy and hippest,Blancpain Replica and everyone wanted to spend time with him. Rolex made the Daytona Perpetual a modern icon, and used it to paint elaborate visions about what happens when haute-jewellery meets watches.

1997 was another great year. At least, that was my opinion. It was also the year Rolex's white gold reference 16519 was unveiled at Baselworld. The white gold Daytona watch is one of those watches that you just have to know.

It looks almost like a steel watch to the untrained eye. The 16519 price included a leather strap which toned down the look even further. Rolex introduced their own chronograph movement, calibre 4130 in 2000. The white-gold-strap Daytona was then made reference 116519. This watch was used as the basis for models with sapphire and ruby baguette-cut dials and dials made of hard stones like turquoise, chrysoprase and grossular garnet.

1998 Daytona ref. 1998 Daytona ref.

Today's watch is a 116519, which dates back to 2005. It feels great on my wrist.Piaget Replica Watches It has the weight of gold, but not the bling of yellow gold. It's currently on a black Oysterflex, but you can dress it up with black crocodile and down with vintage distressed brown.

Ross in his 2005 Daytona ref. 116519

Jean-Paul Menicucci, my friend, made me two straps - one in lilac and another in green so I could pick out the different colors on the dial. The dial is the most important event. Collectors call it Tahitian mother-of pearl.Omega Aqua Terra Replica It is so much more exotic that 'black', so I prefer it as its nickname.

The dial's colour changes depending on the light it is exposed to.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches The applied Roman hour markers give the dial a serious edge and ground it. Due to the unpredictable nature each piece Rolex transforms into an dial, the failure rate at the production line for mother-of pearl dials is high. That's pretty cool! This is my own unique piece!

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