In Memoriam:

Peter Berg (The Hun)


Can a single web page, or even a whole web, ever do justice to some people? The thing is about those who were involved in the Digger Movement in the 1960s so many individuals deserve a concerto not simply a fugue. Peter Berg was most definitely one of those individuals.

Remembering Peter Berg, a website

The above link is to the website set up for Peter's memorial which took place at the Randall Museum on Red Rock Hill in 2011. That event itself has not been archived and hopefully will find a suitable institutional home. But the testimonials left on the memorial site speak volumes themselves.

All night long at Peter's memorial, we heard and saw reminiscences of Peter's incredible life. One of the amazingly right-on portrayals was a film that Lila Talcott Travis put together of an interview conducted with Peter along with various clips and recordings from the Planet Drum archives. Here is Lila's film. I'm sure she'd appreciate any comments left on the Youtube page.

Remembering Peter Berg, a film

by Lila Talcott Travis




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