Mutants Commune

A Digger Manifesto

Berkeley Barb, August 18, 1967

The Digger street sheets contain some of the core ideology of the counterculture and this manifesto represents the core of the Digger philosophy. Written by Billy Digger and illustrated by Billy Batman (both anonymously) it first appeared in the Berkeley Barb in August 1967. In part it was a "long poetic essay about American materialism corrected by Haight-Ashbury culture, including free" (DTF) and reported what had been accomplished in the Free community since its inception the previous fall 1966. It is also a blueprint for creating a new social form of "free novas" meaning the communal groupings that had developed in the wake of the Summer of Love. In that sense it reads like the utopian visions of the 17th century Diggers (in particular the Law of Freedom by Gerrard Winstanley).

INMATES fellow mutants

break out of the mental institutions
break out of the mental institutions

break out of the mental institutions.........political systems

[typewriter graphic "DEATH" made up of the words: police power, control, manipulation, coercion, death]

break out of the mental institutions.........economic systems

[typewriter graphic "DEATH" made up of the words: money monopoly, property, compulsory consumption, efficiency, money death]

break out of the mental institutions.........education systems

[typewriter graphic "DEATH" made up of the words: censoring conditioning, righteousness, intelligence censoring, diploma conditioning]

break out of the mental institutions.........military systems

[typewriter graphic "DEATH" made up of the words: force, violence, terrorism, national guard, death]

break out of the mental institutions.........religious systems

[typewriter graphic "DEATH" made up of the words: guilt (sin), sacredness, secretness, sin, death]

break out of the mental institutions.........language systems

[typewriter graphic "DEATH" made up of the words: mass syntax, abcde, mass phonology, mass morphology death, mass syntax, mass semantics]

break out of the mental institutions.........mafia systems

[typewriter graphic "DEATH" made up of the words: heroin, prostitution, money, sex, gambling, betting, opium, loan sharking]

break out of the mental institutions.........family systems

[typewriter graphic "DEATH" made up of the words: alimony, divorce, marriage, two-people-family, adultery, death]


mutants revolve your head and nervous system. do acid. do the holy cities. spinspiril. do yourself and bod. create free forms. novas. do free.

f real l

[end cover page]

1750 ECONOMIC institutional systems are horizontal and vertical pyramid hierarchies boxed and frozen for coordinating programmed corpses. (workers)

G.M.  A.T.&T. Dow giving you the wheeler-dealer alternatives of becoming a workable taxpaying efficiency gnome or going to jail for vagrancy (no money) for not obeying established leader authorities葉he pop executive idol images.

1919 FAMILY institutional systems are horizontal and vertical pyramid hierarchies boxed and frozen for coordinating programmed corpses. (households)

father mother grandparents giving you the "my how you've grown" alternatives of following in the footsteps of dear old dad's and mom's together head or being sent out into the world without any cookies for not obeying established leader authorities葉he pop mom-dad team idol images.

1854 POLITICAL institutional systems are horizontal and vertical pyramid hierarchies boxed and frozen for coordinating programmed corpses. (citizens)

Rep. Dem. Blk. Panthers giving you the "a vote for me is a vote for you" alternatives of voting for war, monopolies, police, and the national guard or being totally non-represented for not obeying established leader authorities葉he pop president idol image.

prehistoric MILITARY institutional systems are horizontal and vertical pyramid hierarchies boxed and frozen for coordinating programmed corpses. (soldiers)

army navy air force giving you the "go get 'em" alternatives of burning and killing people or going to jail for not obeying established leader authorities葉he pop general idol images.

1860 EDUCATIONAL institutional systems are horizontal and vertical pyramid hierarchies boxed and frozen for coordinating programmed corpses. (students)

Harvard Yale Vassar M.I.T. giving you the "rah rah" alternatives of successful mental programming and physical conditioning or jail until you're sixteen and guilt forever after for not obeying established leader authorities葉he pop teacher idol images.

1367 RELIGIOUS institutional systems are horizontal and vertical pyramid hierarchies boxed and frozen for coordinating programmed corpses. (members of the multitude)

Catholic Jewish Protestant giving you the blessed alternatives of believing in their gods or being condemned to doo-doo land for not obeying established leader authorities葉he pop god-representative idol images.

1936 GANGSTER institutional systems are horizontal and vertical pyramid hierarchies boxed and frozen for coordinating programmed corpses. (big wheels)

Mafia Cosa Nostra small-time hood giving you the bang-bang alternatives of paying 6 for 5, house rates and rakes or getting beat up or shot for not obeying established leader authorities葉he pop good bad guy idol images.


presidents, kings, generals, mothers, teachers, executives, gangsters, and other leader authority icons, idols, and images are death. nova and novas are born free and die free as doing is done. be. be. be free. freely choose nova or novas. find natural identity in nova, not pre-fabricated identity in plastic formulas and mass planned obsolete images.

  •  FUCK the poor boy image always getting bargains and always working overtime. CLASS.
  •  FUCK the middle boy image grey in cortivans going to college to get a head. SUCCESS.
  •  FUCK the rich boy image always saying that's the way it always was and will be and one can't flux it. ADORABLE.

combine in one to one relations-novas.

novas are constellations of people who voluntarily free form葉he alternative to groups that are hired to function in the mental institutional systems. novas are freely open to all all the time in all ways forever. move. flex. pulse. undulate. expand. inpand. grow.

one to one is confronting each thing and situation as itself, as specific, as unique, free, open, flowing, changing, dynamic, on the wing, mysterious, infinite-sided, beyond reference. being. beyond games of power, property, force, guilt, money.

decentralize language葉he Establishment controls attitudes and opinion by using mass language and mass images censored through the mass media

  •  API newspapers UPI images
  •  LUCE magazines U.S. News and World images
  •  NBC t.v. CBS images
  •  ABC radio WOR images
  •  COLUMBIA movies M.G.M. images

decentralize language幼onsciously communicate on non-verbal levels. telempathy-mime [sic], hand gestures, facial expression, body movements, babble sounds, telepathy. twitch.

decentralize language容ach community should have a language that is continually and rapidly fluxing. language created from own environment and situations.

  •  any crowd-be-in
  •  any cop-Guerrins
  •  free form-nova
  •  communications company-c.c.

There exists a lag between the psyche of the leader authorities, controlling the great-grandfather mental institutions, and the psyche of the fuck-leader youth trying to be free in the cybernated-pill-acid-missile technological environment they have no free in.

  •  The leader authorities are agents of the death penalty.
  •  The fuck-leader youth want to open life.
  •  The leader authorities command work and inductions under penalty of jail.
  •  The fuck-leader youth want voluntary novas.


mutation-n. (ME.; mutacion; L. mutation/to change) change under threat of extinction maybe. chromosome flux. a discreet change. abrupt. snap. drop off.

drop out.................. open...................flow

a mutant is a hippie is an automation 1916 1942 computer acid 1943 t.s. 1938 the pill 1952 1942 missile 1945 atom-bomb youth explosion 67. always. infinite. forever. now. 預nd changing

and where are you at mr jones doe Smith? the anonymous mass institution death trip

  •  1854 donkey elephant political institution.
  •  1750 industrial revolution factory institution.
  •  1267 "who you know" union guild institution.
  •  1860 steam heat school house institution.
  •  1919 007 betty crocker miss clairol family institution.
  •  prehistoric john wayne military institution.
  •  1367 bing crosby renaissance church institution.
  •  1936 ed g. robinson gangster institution.
  •  1620 uncle tom institution.
  •  and your creation is niggers (you can't tell a book by its color)
  •  your creation is bookmakers (don't take candy from strangers)
  •  your creation is Spellmans (god helps those who help themselves)
  •  your creation is war (laugh and the world laughs with you)
  •  your creation is thalidomide babies (I'll be ready as soon as I put on my face)
  •  your creation is juvenile delinquency (children should be seen and not heard)


and you are right. right in the 1854, 1750, 1267, 1860, 1919, prehistoric, 1367, 1936, 1620, niggers, bookmakers, spellman, war, thalidomide, delinquency, stiff death bag.

and you're afraid to change because you're afraid to face the unfamiliar the unknown                                        LSD

and you hide in your locked houses, cars, and offices, and you create paranoid children.

and now you have unconsciously helped create the mutants, the freaks.

                              and they will tell what you are afraid to tell.


                              and they will do what you are afraid to do.

create free
give free
take free
be free

=====[end of sideways column]


the 1860 steam heat schoolhouse institution is a death form. the grammar school-high school-university mass education-death trip. little classrooms, cramped with sitting, suffocating children.

"Don't talk, children, sit there and listen to me for the next six hours, for the next five days, for the next forty weeks. If you successfully pass through the first eight years imprisonment, you can do four more years in high school. Then, if you are intelligent, fortunate, and have money enough, you can do four more years in a university. Then you can graduate and proudly be imprisoned in offices, factories, and institutions throughout the world until, at long last, you are sixty-five. Then you are free to take off more than two weeks in a row." ("Don't ask stupid questions") ("I'm busy right now")

Amen, brother.


In a free form, the child's natural curiosity could flow. Their growth in certain subjects which interest them would not be stunted by the compulsion to study the same subjects with the same teacher at the same time in the same room with students of the same age.


There are teaching machines that could start to teach two-year olds to read, write, and type. Machines like this could be made available to every child.

If a child wanted to know about the t.v., you could take or send him to an automated t.v. factory, where there would be classes for various levels of instruction. A five-year old could assemble his own t.v. by inserting proper numbered parts in their matching holes. Just like blocks. A ten-year old could solder some parts on the chassis of the t.v. or hand-operate a machine that is now automated. A twelve-year old could alternate various parts to get different effects. A fourteen-old could design different sets around the same principles. A sixteen-year old could start feeling God.

When doctors came to their house, they could inform the children of medical realities. When plumbers come to the house, the kids could go on a plumbing trip.

Along with the decentralized teaching of various subjects in automated factories and from personal contact, there could be the University where all the different elements of the community could be represented. This would offer all subjects to all ages.

In the Haight-Ashbury community, none of these ideas were carried out in the past year. The ideas are still a little too far out to exist under the existing conditions. Most of the education of children came from personal contact with people living in communes. The only developments in the Haight-Ashbury besides personal contact were two free nursery homes and the Huckleberry House for kids under eighteen who split from their parents.


The 1919 007 betty crocker miss clairol family institution is a death form. Marriage, responsibility for children, alimony are death. Let's do away with the meaningless, unnecessary bullshit of "I want my kids to have more than I had", "My kids will starve", "I don't have time to listen to your abstract ideas, I have to support my family."


The basic unit of the culture could be the commune instead of a house with one man and one woman in it. The commune would not be owned by one person or one group but it would be open to all people at all times, to do whatever they wished to do in it.

There would be no marriage contracts, but people could still have huge ceremonies when they met someone they dug. And if someone dug a different person every day, he could have a different ceremony every day.

All children, from the moment they were born, would be the responsibility of everyone, not only of the blood mother and father.


In the Haight-Ashbury during the last year, there was none of the shut-in paranoid one-man-and-woman-and-children family structure. Most people lived in communes because they were open and fun. People taught other people what they knew, whether it was about guitars, printing presses, dope, confronting slumlords, cooking, confronting police, raising children, painting, sex, etc. People became aware of the hassles of living with people, and had their minds blown by being continuously and intimately involved with ten or fifteen people.

Children were confronted with multiple character images rather than just their mother's and father's. For most people, it was more stimulating, more open, more knowledge-giving, more self-expressive than any other family form they had lived in.


The 1750 industrial revolution factory institution we live in is a death form. Really straight people, let's put it down. Let's burn all the dollars under pots and pop popcorn together. Let's put the budget books in the archives for future history freaks who wish to groove on the past. Let money, credit, capital, debts, and banking flow away. For really straight people these ideas are anachronisms.


Production of goods can be done almost totally by machines. Free.

Distribution of goods can be done free.

                 dig this scene:

fifteen people getting stoned and doing their thing in some room in a commune. someone decides to turn on the t.v. and by some weird coincidence he is staring at channel 137. some cat in a clown outfit is in the middle of a riff about how ten people are needed to deliver bread to a few of the free stores. so one cat says, "Let's go down there and goof" and they split./cut

There would be an unlimited supply of some goods. These could be distributed to individuals. There would be a limited supply of others. For example, jet planes. These could be distributed equally to areas instead of to individuals. There would be, say, ten jet passenger planes per county. The only restriction on the use of the plane would be that it had to be broadcast on channel 168 at least a half hour before it was taken. If someone tries to take the plane who doesn't know how to fly it, we wish him lots of luck.

Services can be done free.

People performing these services wouldn't have to hurry, kill time, or be efficient. If you wanted your car fixed, you could notify channel 438 and then start getting the goodies necessary for the party in honor of the car mechanic when he comes over to fix the car.

Division of labor (doing)

So many people have to be farmers . . . so many people have to be scientists . . . so many people have to be mechanics . . . so many people have to be carpenters . . . etc. If all things were free and people were free to do what they chose, people would willingly and happily learn to do the things that necessarily had to be done, in order for those conditions to continue to exist.

Value葉his is the hang-up, brother mutants.

People groove on making things, giving them away, and flxing them up. It gives people identity. You are what you do. The problem is that there is only a limited amount of things can be made. Who is going to decide what to do with the limited resources that exist? In the United States today, the Federal Government makes the decision of what will be done with the resources. They do this by appropriating 60% of the budget to the industrial-military complex. The rationale goes that if we don't have the strongest military force, we will be conquered by those who do, the commie bastards, whoever they are. Since 1945, no one could conquer the United States and its allies unless the whole fucking solar system was thrown out of balance.


In the Haight-Ashbury during the last year, most aspects of a free economic form were accomplished.

PRODUCTION裕here are no production plants in the Haight-Ashbury, so there were few things produced from raw resources into finished objects. The few exceptions have been the food grown and brought into the city from free farms, fish brought in from fishing boats, and guitars, jewelry, etc., made out of rocks, shells, and wood.

DISTRIBUTION輸lmost every kind of article has been distributed free in the Haight-Ashbury幼ars, clothes, paper clips, children, television sets, record players, ice-cream pops, bananas, LSD, cardboard boxes, ecstasy, cameras, leather, eyebrow pencils, birth control pills, fish 'n chips, bubble gum, belly button lint, harmonicas, rosaries, cookie makers, parking tickets, i.d.s., flowers, beds, sunshine, dynamite.

SERVICES勇very service has been performed free. Free food, free clothes, free shelter, free stores, free dances, free lawyers, free doctors, free painters, free sculptors, free engineers, free garbage collectors, free cooks, free actors, free joint-rollers, free house-painters, free clothesmakers, free carpenters, free mechanics, free printers, free chemists, free buses, free firemakers, free sandalmakers, free glassblowers, free electronic bugs, free guitar makers. Few office jobs have been done free. If all things were free, there would be little need of office jobs.

It is beyond doubt that people will produce, distribute, and service things free. The problem under the present conditions is getting the resources and getting the space to use the resources free. The people who run the Avalon and Fillmore dance halls are willing to give free dances all of the time, but they're caught in the bag of paying rent for the space. Most of the musicians who play in the dance halls are willing to play for free, but they need money to pay for their equipment and to pay rent for living space.

(If we may digress for a minute葉he idea of property is bullshit. someone gets money for a piece of space on the planet earth because he says he owns it. well, who owns the earth? if one of the flying saucer people landed and took out a piece of stone and said that it said right there that he owned the earth, and that everyone on it had to pay him rent, would you believe it? believe it! and the next time the landlord comes around to collect the rent, tell him not to worry, you already paid the rent to the saucer people.)

The same willingness to always do free applies to lawyers, carpenters, and all the other people mentioned above, but they are hung up in the same space and resources bag. In fact, we are all hung up in the space and resources bag. And now we are going through the phase of doing free and doing money.

There are those who believe free and who do free all the time, but who are still forced to be dependent on other people to freely give them space and resources. There are those who think and say they believe free and who do free once a week or once a month. And there are the liberals and shuck-people who think and say they believe free, but who never do free.

The free spirit will grow when people do more free stores, free dances, free papers, etc. In cities, towns, high-schools, and colleges throughout the United States and the Universe.

                                                                give free take free


The 1854 donkey elephant political institution is a death form. After 113 years of success, the people in this country are where they're at. Straight people, we don't like to have to break your stiff security, but let's dig the cliche "it's time to change" and let's blow our brains and do more than just change candidates様et's change from a political system to a free form. novas.


There are only two functions of government: to protect property and to protect people. In a free form, all property would be freely owned by all. In a free form there would be only one limitation, one restriction, one action that would be forbidden, one action that would be against orders, (one action that is stupid), one action that would be unlawful:

that you cannot cause physical restraint or damage to another person's bod, regardless of age.

As an alternative to breaking up the area of the United States into fifty states, the area could be broken up into a thousand counties that are already demarcated. These boundaries would be used not only for equal distribution of goods, but also for the judging of violations against the one and only law stated above.

If it took you twenty years to build and furnish your house, and someone wanted to destroy it, the physical destruction of the house of which you were a resident would imply your physical destruction. In this case, you would go before the county judging t.v. channel 675 and you would state your case and let the people of the county judge your case to decide whether or not the house should be destroyed. Everyone would have the right to appeal the county judging and appear before the national judging channel 4567.

Any violators of the one and only law would be ostracized to the state of Kansas which would be isolated from the rest of the country. The state of Kansas might be broken up according to the seriousness of the violation. There would be the crime of irresponsibility creating a machine or structure that caused physical damage, i.e., an unqualified person who built a bridge or structure that collapsed or ran amuck. There would be the crime of distributing drugs that cause damage to another person's bod. The crime of psychopathic killing.


From around September of 1966 until around April of '67, before all the national publicity and the coming of the tourists, in the free community part of the Haight-Ashbury, there were very few power, control, manipulation, and coercion games. When people do free they do free. It has been learned that when you do free, if someone tries to control, manipulate or have power over you, you just split. When you do free, you have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. When you do free, you have something to lose and something to gain. When you live on a power level, you lose your freedom. When you live on a free level, you lose your power.

The only people who try to have power over others are the stiff paranoids wanting self-insurance. The only people who will conform to these power plays are the mass sheep self-insurance people.

Millions of free events on individual and large novas scale have been enacted in the last year. These free actions have generated energies of free joy to tens of millions of people in the United States and the world. Tens of thousands of people have lived here during the last year, free from power games and almost totally free from violence.

Until April, we lived on the street for over a year, and we saw only one fight and heard of only five others (not counting incidents of police brutality). If you're wondering what this riff is about, the point is that it is totally believable that men can live in an almost totally free environment without power games or violent performances.

Free people have offered to do the city dog pound, the city's Farmers Market, and the city's Weights and Measures Department for free. The Board of Supervisors in the city of San Francisco has denied the free spirit of these people and also denied the taxpayers the hundred thousand dollars that would have been saved, if these doings had been done free.

And 3 free stores have been closed by the San Francisco Building Department, dozens of free houses have been closed by the Health Department.

And bands have been busted for playing free music in the parks, and the tens of thousands of busts made by the cops, who protected America the Beautiful from

                             the mutants.

The only alternatives open for these free people are either to ignore the city's political institution or to violently attack it.


The prehistoric john wayne military nationalism institution is a death form. Being drafted into the army against one's choice is death.


If all the institutions were made voluntary, we would become the most revolutionary country in the world. We would become the model for every revolution whose purpose was to free. We would need a military novas, not only to protect free in this space, the United States, but also to help other people to become free if we decided to do this.

There would be a rule that any military movement would have to be agreed upon by the whole country.


In the Haight-Ashbury, it developed that the Hell's Angels was the military force. And it was really, really strange, fellows, to find out that they would just as well fuck as fight, and just as well get stoned and be friendly as terrorize. Can you dig it?


The 1936 Mafia, Costra [sic] Nostra gangster ed g. robinson institution is a death form. Horse-betting, card-betting, ball game-betting, number-betting, prostitution, heroin, opium, downer dealing, loan sharking money, money-sex, money-dope is death.



Before April, the Haight-Ashbury was a sort of upper-lower class district where nothing happened in the heroin, prostitution, loan-sharking categories. A few hippies distributed their own grass, acid, and mescaline.

Now it is t.v. radio newspaper magazine merchant paradise neon quickly spreading along the walls for looking tourists who have ventured once again into buy-buy land, and in the love-shuck consumer carnival emerges prostitution of a street kind, gangland murders, underworld opium and heroin, and bits of loan-sharking.


The 1367 bing crosby spellman renaissance church institution is a death form. Segregated churches of every denomination.

And the congregation parades through the door,
     nylon, girdled life virgins dressed in their sunday best

     Sermons about love of your fellow man
            Blessings                   the collection of money

And the congregation      shuffles out the door,
            to become soldiers.


In the Haight-Ashbury, the origins and endings of the universe are mysterious and unknown, which each individual has to seek out for himself. May each man see the unknown in everything. May each man find his own God.


we all had the experience, when we were in grammar school, of the leader-authority teacher who became so oppressive and stiff that the idea spread around the class that everyone should get up and walk out.

There was the small artistic smart kid who probably originated the idea.
                He would do it.

There was the medium-sized athletic kid who was friendly with everyone in class.
               He would do it.

There was the powerful tough kid.
               He would do it.

And the smart kid would confront the other smart kids and find out that they were afraid to do it because they were afraid the teacher would get angry at them and lower their grades. And besides, why should they do it? They were at the head of the class and had everything to lose. The kids at the bottom of the class goofed and were stupid and had nothing to lose.

And the athletic kid would confront the middle-grade kids, and find out that they would do it if everyone else in the class would do it.

And the athletic kid and the tough kid would confront the lower part of the class and find out that they were afraid to do it because they were afraid they would flunk.

                ?jones brown and carmichael?

The impulse for free had been created by the stiff oppressiveness of the teacher, but it was killed by the stiffness and oppressiveness of their own IDENTITY.

The smart kids didn't want to lose their identity of being the smartest in the class, and they didn't want their parents to know they were naughty in class.

The middle kids did not want to lose their identity of almost being as smart as the smart kids and as tough as the tough kids, and they didn't want their parents to know they were naughty in class.

The tough kids were afraid of getting the identity of being flunkees, and they didn't want their parents to know they were naughty in class.

. . . . So they stayed in class and they stayed not free, and they insisted on keeping their not free identities. And the girls sat there, not knowing what to do, smiling once in awhile.

And the kids got a little older and they saw the city black man hate the middle class white man. The middle class white man threatened the IDENTITY of the black man. The middle class white man was better than the city black man because he had all those cadillacs and color t.v.'s.

And the city black man threatened the IDENTITY of the middle class white man. The middle class white man said he believed in freedom and equality, and all he had to do was to look at that black to know that he was a liar.

And the middle class man hates the rich man. The rich man threatens the identity of the middle class man. The rich man is better than the middle class man because he goes on all those groovy vacations, and has those groovy cars, and that groovy house, and he doesn't have to worry about money after he retires.

And the rich man hates the middle class man because the middle class man threatens his identity. The rich man dangles the jobs in front of the nose of the middle class man and says that he can make it if he works hard enough, but all the rich man has to do is to take one look at those middle class men to know that he's a liar. There is only one job like that for every 30,000 middle class men.

but on / and on / and on / and on / the Niggers threaten the identity of the spicks / the spicks threaten the identity of the limeys / the mockies threaten the identity of the square-heads / the square-heads threaten the identity of the greaseballs / the greaseballs threaten the identity of the guineas / the micks threaten the identity of the dagos


the dealers threaten the identity of the musicians . . . the musicians threaten the identity of the cops . . . the cops threaten the identity of  the merchants . . . the merchants threaten the identity of the politicians . . . the college kids threaten the identity of the high school kids . . . the two-year old threatens the identity of the father

everybody has something to lose


and all the time they choose to lose their freedom rather than their identity

  •  And all that horseshit about leaving your wife, as if there weren't at least one million other women you could groove with.
  •  And all that fixed identity horseshit about leaving your blood children as if there weren't at least a billion other kids you could groove with.
  •  And all that fixed identity horseshit about leaving your job, as if there weren't an infinite number of jobs you could groove with.
  •  And all that fixed identity horseshit about cars, t.v.'s, cameras, equipment, houses, as if you couldn't use them without owning them. 


get a few tabs of acid and go into the mountains with a friend. go during the wintertime. stay in the mountains for a couple of days and get the feel of the country around you. then, on a bright, sunshiny day at 12 o'clock, drop some acid. there will be the warmth of the sun, and the multiple smells, colors, sounds, and patterns of nature. and somewhere around 5 o'clock, you will see that the sun is about ready to go over the horizon. and you will notice that as it approaches the horizon, it gets colder and colder. and you will become aware that if you don't collect wood and build a fire soon, you will probably freeze to death.

and your friend and you will build a fire and you will keep warm and you will find that you have made it through the night.

and you will do this together for a time and you will find that you do not need any help from your friend, and maybe you will venture out into the mountains by yourself, and learn that the stars can give you directions.

and one night you will look up for direction and you will see that the stars are gone. and it will start raining. and you will find a place where you can have shelter from the rain and keep warm, and you will survive the night.

and as you go on you will become aware of the stars, and the clouds, and the animals, and the trees, and the flowers, and the winds, and you will continue to grow more secure in all your surroundings. you will learn where to fish, where to trap, where to pick berries. Your efficiency and skill and security will become greater as they feed each other. then one day you will twist and break your ankle on a rock, and in a flash, you will reflect that you had become too secure and self-confident.

and you'll lie there on the ground not knowing what to do
            you'll lie there on the ground in pain
                   you will be about to die

and then by some magic, a little old man will probably appear and he will show you how to fix your ankle so you will be able to walk alone again. and after a few days, you will go off alone again. a little bit stronger.

and then you will notice that there are more men who travel in the mountains and after awhile you will become aware of where they will be about what time. and you will form a sometimes community with them. and then one day you will probably decide to go back to the city. and in the city you will see sheep running around saying that they need to do that and they need this and they need this and they need that, and you will find that they identify with things and ideas which they do not need to identify with, even though they think they do. and you will tell them that the only things they need are warmth, shelter, a little food, and some clothing. and that if they know they always can have these they can be free anywhere. that if they understand this, they can leave any situation that a free man can fulfill all his needs if he has to.

maybe he's just a country boy.
              and maybe he can become a city boy, if the city
                       people want to be free.

The revolutionaries talk about the unbearable conditions of poverty, ghettos, no jobs, collapsing family structures, brutal police forces, etc. They concentrate on all the unbearable conditions outside to each individual. And the politicians for millennia have been saying "Don't worry, folks, things will be better in the future. Heaven, Paradise, and Utopia are just around the program before your eyes. We are trying, trying, the world can't be free, you know." And descriptions, explanations, and promises are sometimes well intended and true, but they grossly miss the point.

  •  You can stick a gun in his hands, and fulfill the IMAGE of a man.
  •  You can stick a girl in his arms, and fulfill the IMAGE of a lover.
  •  You can stick money in his pockets, and fulfill the IMAGE of success.
  •  You can stick a suit on his back, and fulfill the IMAGE of dignity.
  •  You can stick a t.v. before his eyes, and fulfill the IMAGE of being informed.

And you can give him a house, a job, radios, cars, refrigerators, telephones and fulfill the image of being affluent


the only thing that will make him free in nitty-gritty marrow soul is the knowing that he can take care of all his needs himself. Alone. Only then will he have the alternatives of either being with someone or not.

Each individual has to have no needs, no necessities, in order to be free. This is impossible, since he is a living organism. So he has to travel second best. He has to know that he can fulfill his necessary needs of food, clothing, shelter, and warmth. When he can fulfill all those needs alone, he can leave any situation and the identity that goes with the situation, knowing that he hasn't lost anything, that he will survive, and that he is still free.

The world is filled with horrors because people identify with gripping images which they think they need to become. They viciously struggle for objects and situations that will make the image become reality. They rationalize it and set up rules to make leaders who have power.

Power is the ability to execute or throw someone in jail for not obeying established leader authorities. DEATH. It may be that people could INFLUENCE people. INFLUENCE. In fluid. Flowing. A geographical area where all objects, where all groups, were voluntary. nova. Where each individual knew within himself that he could fulfill all his needs without being trapped by identity. BEING.
                                          Amen, brother


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